Responsive web design resources for ASP.NET MVC developers

Learn Responsive Design with ASP.NET MVC

Build a page like this one

Want to build a page like this? See the code sample on GitHub. Sample uses Foundation 5, ASP.NET MVC 5, and Isotope.js

Go Responsive with ASP.NET MVC

In this article, we will explore some options to support mobile users of your web application built with ASP.NET MVC.


Alan Stevens explains common misconceptions about Bootstrap and describes ways people use Bootstrap incorrectly. This is a great read for Foundation users as well.

Exploring HTML Prototypes with Git

How to use Foundation and Git version control to iterate though design mockups. The article discusses how to work through mobile design decisions using prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping Examples

This GitHub repo shows how to use the Prototyping for MVC HTML Helper. Multiple example layouts and UI patterns are demonstrated.

Twitter Bootstrap MVC

A library of html extensions that aims to make writing Twitter Bootstrap related code easier.